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Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon do I need to reserve my items?
The sooner the better! To ensure the availability of your items we recommend reserving them as soon as you have a good idea of what you need. It is, however, possible to reserve your items up to the day of use depending on availability.
How long before my event can I change my order? Do you have cancellation fees?
Small quantities on items such as dishes, linens, centerpieces, tables and chairs may be changed up until the morning of the day before delivery (before the order has been loaded) for no additional fee. Canopies/tents, jump houses, special order items and larger quantities have a 5 day cancellation policy. All cancellations within 72 hours are dealt with on a case by case basis to determine appropriate fees according to lost rentals from other potential customers, full charge, cancellation fees and/or restocking fees may apply.
What is the “DW” charge on my contract?
“DW” is the Damage Waiver charge. This is an optional, nonrefundable fee that covers minor accidental damage. This is not a loss or negligence waiver, it gives EventRent some flexibility when dealing with tricky situations after the party is over. The damage waiver fee allows EventRent to charge only the minimum for damaged items of small quantities, and the option not to charge for the loss of one or two small items, such as flatware. If the client returns damaged items and we determine the client wasn’t being negligent, then the client isn’t charged at all. Accidental damage does not include burns or tears in linens, or other large non-repairable damages. Damage waiver does not apply to all items such as tents/canopies, generators, special order items and does not cover loss or theft.
How and when do I need to pay for my items?
Payment is due in full before the rental items are taken. We do ask for credit card information to hold your reservation, but you are welcome to pay by cash, check, or credit card by the date you take your items (some cards will not be run until rental items are returned). If you want to pay in a method other than with the card on file just let us know.
Do I need to be home the day of my delivery?
No, just let us know where you would like us to drop off your items (preferably in a covered area such as back patio or carport), but please remember that the items are your responsibility once they are dropped off, so if you have a spot in your backyard this may be the best place to store them.
Can you help me figure out what size of tent I will need?
Whether you need a tent to provide shade for a few people or large enough to fit 500+ seating at tables and chairs we can help determine what size will work best for your event and again we can make a layout with all items in the tent to give you a visual of how it could be arranged and will fit.
Do you deliver my rentals?
We do offer delivery and pick-up for a fee which depends on where the order is going. Most items can be delivered the day before or day of your event and picked up the day after or the following Monday.
Do I pay extra for delivery?
There is a charge for delivery and pick-up the charge depends on where we are delivering to and what we are delivering. Normal delivery/pick-up hours are from 8:30am – 5:30am Monday through Friday and 9:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday. We do offer delivery and pick-up before or after hours and even on Sunday but additional charges may apply.
Can I pick up my rentals if I want to?
Most items are available for customer pickup and return with the exception of certain items like larger tents/canopies, and most items are a 72 hour rental which means you can pick-up the day before your event and return the day after or the following Monday – if you need to return on Sunday just let us know beforehand and we will arrange a time to meet you here.
My event is in a public or rented space, how do I schedule for delivery and pick up?
We understand each venue or rented space has their own rules regarding delivery and pick-up of rented items, many of which we work with on a regular basis and coordinate the delivery and pickup times to accommodate our client and the venue’s policies.


What happens if items are returned damaged or missing?
The customer is responsible for the items during the rental period. Small damage may be covered if the damage waiver was paid. Large damage (burned or ruined linens, excessive broken dishes or centerpieces) or missing items will be billed to the customer.
I am looking for something specific not found on your website, can you get it for me?
You bet! We work with other rental companies and vendors in our industry every day and love to track down items for you, so you don’t have to! We are also always adding to our inventory and love to hear your thoughts on new items to add.
How can I contact you in case I have a problem with my rental?
The first point of contact should be to call our store even if we aren’t open as we have an after- hours number. In addition we put our cell phone numbers on our business cards and strive to provide around the clock service in an effort to ensure customer satisfaction including being able to get in contact with us in the event there is a problem.
Do I need to provide extra fuel for my generator?
In most cases there is no need to refuel your generator during your event, unless the event is for an extended period, in which case we can work out which is the best, most affordable and convenient option. We can estimate the cost of fuel and add it to your contract if you prefer or just add the cost of fuel, or propane, after the item is returned and re-fueled in either case we only charge for the amount used.
Will my rental items be set up for me?
Set up of larger items such as canopies, dance floors, and stages is included in the delivery fee. Setup of tables, chairs, and even placing of linens is offered, please call for pricing. Setup and tear down must be scheduled ahead of time so we can make sure our delivery crew has the time before their next job.
Can I have my order delivered at a specific time?
Yes! We will work with you to make your rental as easy as possible and show up when convenient for you. Specific time deliveries, while difficult, are available during regular business hours at no extra cost to you. After normal business hours or on Sunday deliveries/pickups are available for an extra cost. One to two hour time windows or any time deliveries are the most convenient for our delivery crew, who work hard at meeting every request.
What do I need to do to reserve items?
You may reserve your items at any time by phone, e-mail, fax, or in person at our store. To reserve your items we will need your name, address, phone number, delivery and billing information and credit card information. We do ask for a 25% deposit on orders over $200 or any orders with canopies.
I’m not sure what size of tent will fit in my area, can you help me figure it out?
We sure can and offer free site inspections to determine what size(s) will work best and offer options to fit your needs. We can even make a layout of your event to give you an idea of how it will all look and come together.


When do I need to return my rentals?
Most items are charged one rate for a 72 hour rental period giving you more time to set up and prepare for your event.
Do you pick up my rentals when my event is over?
In most cases we pick up the day after, or the following Monday if it is a Saturday event, we try to be as flexible as possible and if you need the items picked up after hours or first thing the following morning we can do that but additional charges may apply. Some venues require all items to be removed immediately after the event is over and some require early morning pick-ups so they can prepare for their next event which is another reason we keep a close relationship with venues we work with so we can make the process as smooth as possible for both parties.
When do you pick up my rentals? The next day?
Depending on what you need and the venue requires, normally pick-up would be the following day but each event is unique and we are here to help make your event easier part of which is the not so often thought of details such as, when do your items need picked up.
Do you charge me extra if I return them myself and I’m late?
If you are running late and need us to stay late or open early we will do so, rarely will we charge for late returns for the most part there would only be an additional charge for late returns if we needed the item(s) to go back out for another order and we make sure to call and work something out to avoid this.
Do I need to clean my items before I return them?
No! We do all the washing for you! We do ask that you scrape any excess food off and place all dishes back into their original crates. Linens need to be free of debris. Please do not place wet linens in plastic bags this will cause them to mildew, and requires an extra cleaning fee or replacement charge.

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